All-Natural Travel Shaving Cream in the Perfect 75ml Size

Mondial's shaving creams are still produced in artisanal process according to an ancient recipe free from dyes and preservatives. The highly select raw materials of vegetable origin, refined oils and classic fragrances give a wonderful shave that leaves the skin velvety and soft.

A convenient 75ml version of our shave creams in our six signature fragrances that pay tribute to classic shaving scents and Italy's natural essences.

Add a Razor & Brush For a Clean, Organized Travel Shave Kit

Our travel and grooming accessories, like our brushes and razors, are brought to life through the hands of skill artisans working with natural materials with proven durability and the ability to retain their value and function over time. In fact, the passage of time only reveals further the artistry of their contruction.

Small Shaving & Toiletry Kit Bag in Tuscan Leather.
Small Shaving & Toiletry Kit Bag in Tuscan Leather.
Small Shaving & Toiletry Kit Bag in Tuscan Leather.

Small Shaving & Toiletry Kit Bag in Tuscan Leather

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This small pouch crafted by hand in the heart of Firenze from top quality Tuscan leather is the perfect size for a shaving brush, small shaving cream and a razor for your travels or as a compact storage place for your shaving essentials at home.

Available in a supple dark brown or black leather.

*Grooming items not included. Dimensions: 16 x 8 cm


Beard & Moustache Care

If you prefer well-groomed facial hair to a clean shave, our collection of travel tool sets and horn handle brushes and combs safeguard every detail.

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Leather Toiletry Kits

Tuscan leather is the material of choice for our beautiful travel toiletry kits, still made entirely by hand by our master craftsmen in the heart of Florence.

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Florence Collection

Our collection of shaving and skin products extend this wonderful essence beyond our Colonia Suprema to your entire shower and shaving routine.

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