The Mondial 1908 Gentlemen's Barber at Ponte Vecchio

Borgo San Jacopo, 38r Firenze (FI)​ - Italy

Our unique barbershop just a few steps from Ponte Vecchio in Firenze in the romantic atmosphere of Borgo San Jacopo overlooking the River Arno.

Designed as a space where one can rediscover the pleasure of traditional shaving, it is also a space where we bring to life our vision and concepts for the Mondial brand and the future of men's grooming built on our unique understanding of its past.

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The Mondial 1908 Gentlemen's Barber is located near the Ponte Vecchio on Borgo San Jacopo. One of Florence's most ancient streets.

It is here we pay homage to centuries of tradition in the act of shaving from its earliest and most basic forms to the present.

Inside our Gentlemen's Barber is a space to relax and appreciate this intimate ritual of shaving and grooming shared by all men.

When you enter, you are greeted by carefully designed displays featuring the articles from the Mondial 1908 brand and our exclusive fragrance collections.

In addition to being a showcase of our vision for men's grooming products, we give you a small window into the tools used by our family to create shaving brushes for 115 years.

The quality of our brand is visible in every detail of our retail space, including the experience for our luxury artisan shaving creams in six classic fragrances.

Soon after entering, you are treated to an olfactory experience for our exclusive collections, including the newest fragrance, Gentlemen's Barber Cuir Zeste Eau de Parfum.

On display are several artifacts, including our award-winning Sphaera wet shaving set designed by renowned architect who is a member of our family's fifth generation.

This elegant bronzed machine is a press used for refilling the wooden bowls for our ancient recipe shaving creams with replacement pucks of solid cream.

Beyond the retail space, you enter the domain of our master barbers and continue to see the attention to detail that is so typical of Italian design and sustains our brand.

As the sun sets over the Arno River and the night lights begin to glimmer on its mirrored surface, the soft light of our lounge area is an inviting space before and after your service.

While in Firenze, you are welcome to visit us anytime the universal symbol of the barber is illuminated and visible from Ponte Vecchio & Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli on the river's opposite bank.