The Standard Against Which All Are Measured: Genuine Badger

From the time the bundles of hair and fibre arrive at the stations of our artisans for the first steps of the transformation into a little masterpiece, to the final joining of the knot with a beautifully constructed handle, strict attention is given to every step to the creation of a precious badger brush.

To help ensure you have every opportunity to find the perfect brush for your shave, we offer a wide variety of badger types, handle sizes, materials and designs to suit your beard hair and skin types.

Silvertip Badger

Hair of the most precious quality, distinguished by its particularly white color with a wonderful black shade that enhances the silver top. (Shown: Bolton Collection)

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Super Badger

An excellent quality of light colour badger with a good shade of dark band but less whiteness and marked band than Silvertip. (Shown: Heritage Collection)

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Best Badger

A high quality, natural grey color badger with slightly less flexibility than Super Badger and less distinctive band. (Shown: Luxury Collection)

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The 'Prestige' Collection: An Exquisite Marriage of Badger & Wengé Wood

Not only was our forefather, Atillio Bagnoli, renowned for his shaving brushes but also for his use of precious wood to create entire shaving sets to satisfy the most demanding tastes. This collection uses the chocolate richness of wengé wood and silver with a super badger knot to create our own wet shaving sets of distinction.