Antica Barberia Ancient Recipe Shaving Creams

A traditional solid shaving cream presented in a resealable aluminum tin in a classic Talc or Citrus fragrance or in a plexi jar with our Balsam formulation for sensitive skin. Designed for use with a shaving brush to provide a gentle glide of the razor blade.

Formulated according to an ancient recipe containing no dyes or preservatives and using highly select natural ingredients of vegetable origin including 'cocos nucifera oil' derived from dried coconut fruit to reduce inflammation and provide moisture to the skin.

Antica Barberia shaving brushes
A Perfect Pairing

Our handmade personal & professional grade shaving lather brushes combine sleek metal handles in silver or black aluminum with either pure Best Badger, Bleached Bristle or our proprietary, sustainable EcoSilvertip synthetic knot developed with the knowledge of 115 years of artisan brush making experience.

Professional Lathering Brush: Silver Brushed Aluminum with Bleached Bristle.

Professional Lathering Brush: Silver Brushed Aluminum with Bleached Bristle

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Hand-assembled professional use shaving brushes from Antica Barberia feature large, precision-milled aluminum handles mated with a premium extra-large knot built for longevity and durability.

The first quality pure boar bristle used for this brush provides a firm massaging action and is bleached for greater shine. Its color gives it a distinct appearance in contrast with the brushed aluminum base featuring the Antica Barberia Mondial logo as a mark of its excellence. Also suitable for the home user.