Collections Inspired By Our Home of Firenze and the Essences That Define Its Celebrated History and Vibrant Future

The Florence collection is inextricably connected to our wonderful city, but also to our family traditions. 

For years this quintessence was kept closely guarded by our family until we decided to make it known to the world, thus paying homage to our ancestor and founder of our company, Attilio Bagnoli.

'Florence' Colonia Suprema EdT

Florence was created as a "personal" fragrance that a renowned French perfumer and family friend wanted to dedicate to his great Italian friend and ancestor of ours.

Florence is an aromatic cologne with fresh and citrusy top notes and heart notes with an intriguing blend of spices and precious woods.

Gentlemen's Barber: The Newest Fragrance from Mondial 1908

The Gentlemen's Barber collection is inspired by the modern and vibrant energy that surrounds our luxury grooming barbershop and concept store overlooking the River Arno near Ponte Vecchio.

'Cuir Zeste' Eau de Parfum

A bright, modern men's cologne with aromatic fougere and notes that project a contemporary style.

Citrus notes of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon and lime give a sensational pure energy. Meanwhile, warmer notes of leather and patchouly make this perfume exclusive to wear like a fine tailored suit.

Also From Our Exclusive Fragrance Collections

Axolute Homme

A fresh citrus fragrance with a Mediterranean touch, including spicy notes and woody and musky base notes. It expresses a character that is strong, masculine and full of enthusiasm.

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No. 908 Homme

A heady, lasting and above all, high-class perfume. This is a perfume that doesn’t follow the traditional rules for fragrances because it succeeds in enrapturing you completely.

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Natural Shave Care

Antica Barberia Mondial

Indispensable partner in the joy of shaving for barbers and lovers of traditional wet shaving.

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