EcoSilvertip Synthetic: All of the Lather. None of the Badger.

A Modern Shave Experience Built on Mondial's Unrivalled Understanding of Brush Quality & Materials.

EcoSilvertip Badger

EcoSilvertip Synthetic Badger is a proprietary Krex synthetic hair specifically created for Mondial and designed for the sustainable production of shaving brushes. It is very similar in color to the silver badger and its structure is very flexible and soft with a velvet effect on the top to easily create a rich shaving foam. (Shown: Crosby Collection)

Modern EcoSilvertip Meets Our Ancient Recipe Shaving Creams

Our precious natural shaving creams give a new experience and a few moments of intense pleasure in the morning. Each is a concert of natural fragrances which are skillfully mixed to create intoxicating aromas for a deep feeling of well-being upon awakening.

The creams are presented in a wood lathering bowl which can be refilled or left empty and used a lathering bowl.