A Natural Shaving Preparation with Intoxicating Classic Fragrances

Our precious shaving creams give a new experience and a few moments of intense pleasure in the morning. A concert of natural fragrances are skillfully mixed to create intoxicating aromas for a deep feeling of well-being upon awakening.

Mondial's shaving creams are still produced according to an ancient recipe with highly select raw materials of vegetable origin and are free from dyes and preservatives.

The creams are presented in a wood lathering bowl which can be refilled or left empty and used as a lathering bowl.

Special Edition Shaving Cream From Our Exclusive Fragrance Collection

Florence Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl 140ml.
Florence Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl 140ml.

Florence Shaving Cream in Wood Bowl 140ml

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A shaving cream in a traditional solid version according to our ancient recipe scented with the unforgettable Florence fragrance and presented in a wood lathering bowl.

It is formulated with precious natural ingredients and no dyes or preservatives but still provides a gentle glide of the blade. At the end of the shave, the skin will be soft and velvety and smell delicious.

Florence is an aromatic cologne with fresh and citrusy top notes and heart notes with an intriguing blend of spices and precious woods. Together with amber base notes make it warm and persistent.

75ml Travel Shaving Cream

A convenient 75ml version of our shave creams in our six signature fragrances that pay tribute to classic shaving scents and Italy's natural essences.

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Shaving Cream Refills

Our 125ml solid cream refills are a sustainable approach to replenishing your favorite Mondial 1908 cream fragrance. Sized to fit within your reuseable wood bowl.

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Florence Collection

Our collection of shaving and skin products extend this wonderful essence beyond our Colonia Suprema to your entire shower and shaving routine.

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