Refined Objects That Demonstrate the Attention to Detail of True Gentlemen

Our travel and grooming accessories, like our brushes and razors, are brought to life through the hands of skill artisans working with natural materials with proven durability and the ability to retain their value and function over time. In fact, the passage of time only reveals further the artistry of their contruction.

Tuscan leather is the material of choice for our beautiful travel toiletry kits, still made entirely by hand by our master craftsmen in the heart of Florence. Our minimalist travel razors, cases and creams are the perfect complement.

Razors, Brushes & Creams For a Clean, Organized Travel Kit

Mini Razor Handles & Cases

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Travel Shaving Brushes & Sets

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Travel Size Shaving Cream

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Natural Horn Accessories

Natural ox horn is the artisan's choice for the handles and scales of a line of precious hair, beard and moustache brushes and combs as well as straight razors.

This horn collection is punctuated by a trio of cufflink sets suitable for the finest shirts.

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