Each Mondial brush is handmade with the expertise handed down through five generations. 

For our shaving brushes, we always select and personally check the best raw materials from top quality natural badger, synthetic silvertip badger knot and boar hair to the precious woods and resins used for their handles.

Silvertip Badger

Hair of the most precious quality, distinguished by its particularly white color with a wonderful black shade that enhances the silver top. (Shown: Bolton Collection)

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Super Badger

An excellent quality of light colour badger with a good shade of dark band but less whiteness and marked band than Silvertip. (Shown: Heritage Collection)

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Best Badger

A high quality, natural grey color badger with slightly less flexibility than Super Badger and less distinctive band. (Shown: Luxury Collection)

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EcoSilvertip: A Modern Shave Experience Built for Lather Without Compromise

All the Lather. None of the Badger.
EcoSilvertip Synthetic

EcoSilvertip is a proprietary Krex synthetic hair specifically created for Mondial for the sustainable production of shaving brushes. Its structure is very flexible and soft with a velvet effect on the top so that it is able to easily create a dense and soft shaving foam. (Shown: Crosby EcoSilvertip)

Bleached Boar Bristle

Long trusted by wet shavers for centuries as a durable shaving brush fiber for daily use. Bristles used for Mondial 1908 boar brushes are first boiled at high temperature to remove bacteria and pathogens and then put through a bleaching process that far surpasses the industry standard, removing the 'funk' often associated with boar brushes from competitors.