Inspired By the Refinement & Elegance That Defines a Modern Man

The No. 908 Homme Collection is built around, an intense, persistent and classy fragrance with the timeless charm shared by all Gentlemen.

The fresh and citrusy top notes leave room for delicate floral notes, and then merge into a skillful blend of woods and musks.

'No. 908 Homme' Eau de Toilette 100ml.
'No. 908 Homme' Eau de Toilette 100ml.

No. 908 Homme Eau de Toilette 100ml

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No. 908 Homme is a heady, lasting and above all, high-class perfume. This is a perfume that doesn’t follow the traditional rules for fragrances because it succeeds in enrapturing you completely.

The top citrus note makes it fresh and agreeable, leaving room to the intermediate notes where a skilful blend of spices linked together with predominantly woody and musky base notes make it a real masterpiece. 

An intense, masculine perfume with a timeless style for a refined and elegant man.

Top notes: lime, basil, green forest notes

Heart notes: pine, lily, freesia, floral and spicy accords

Base notes: cedar wood, vetiver, musky notes


The No. 908 Shave Care Collection

Our collection of shaving and skin products extend this wonderful essence beyond our Eau de Toilette to your entire shower and shaving routine.