Antica Barberia Mondial Original Talc Collection

A complete range of products with natural ingredients such as argan, almond and tea tree oils, coconut extracts & goji berry featuring our Original Talc fragrance - an irresistible and charmed fragrance whose real essence is based on its soft and warm feature that has long been a shaving classic.

Protect Your Skin with Proper Care Before & After the Shave

Using the proper preparation before the shave helps promote razor glide to avoid redness and irritation. Proper care after the shave is important to repair the lipid layer of the epidermis responsible for keeping moisture in the tissues and it removes bacteria that can lead to razor bumps.

Like all of our products, we use ingredients derived from nature that are proven over centuries to care for the skin with every shave.

Original Talc Solid Shaving Cream in Aluminum Jar 150ml.

Original Talc Solid Shaving Cream in Aluminum Jar 150ml

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A traditional solid shaving cream presented in a resealable aluminum tin with our irresistible and charming traditional Talc fragrance. Designed for use with a shaving brush to provide a gentle glide of the razor blade to avoid shaving irritation.

Formulated according to an ancient recipe containing no dyes or preservatives and using highly select natural ingredients of vegetable origin including 'cocos nucifera oil' derived from dried coconut fruit to reduce inflammation and provide moisture to the skin.

Moustache & Beard Care

The choice to wear facial hair is more common than ever for men and the Antica Barberia beard and moustache collection uses formulations with a wide range of all-natural ingredients to provide daily cleaning and grooming for a full, healthy beard.