Luxury Shaving Sets & Gift Boxes

Multi-piece wet shaving and brush sets make a bold, purposeful statement about the importance of order and coordination to a daily shaving routine.

Our Sphaera and Prestige sets in wengé wood are objects of unquestionable value and sophistication that demonstrate fully the importance of our commitment to handcrafting truly special shaving tools.

The Award-Winning Sphaera Set

A single strain of wenge wood, expertly worked in every detail by master craftsmen, fits perfectly with the fine Mondial bristle tufts in a unique and exclusive design set.

The minimal, but extremely elegant forms of Sphaera, make this product unique and appreciated worldwide for its great aesthetic value.

The Prestige Collection 3-Piece Shaving Sets

The 'Prestige' collection features the chocolate richness of wengé wood and silver accents to create a razor with a tapering neck rising from a thick-ended round shaft and a broad round brush handle with a tapering neck crowned in silver as it meets the knot.

Exclusive Collection Royal Grooming Gift Boxes

Axolute Collection

Axolute cleverly recreates the timeless charm of the Mediterranean, producing a deep sense of citrus freshness, with rare spices and woody notes.

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N° 908 Homme Collection

The No. 908 Homme Collection is built around, an intense, persistent and classy fragrance with the timeless charm shared by all Gentlemen.

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Design Collection Four Piece Sets

These shaving sets include a shaving brush, razor in your choice of style and a chrome finish stand with a detachable lathering bowl to prepare a rich, thick lather and display your razor and brush after the shave. (Shown: Premium Collection in Black Resin)

Four Piece Shaving Sets with Chrome Stand