Enhance Your Daily Routine with a Fine Shaving Instrument

As with any craft honed over time, the balance, quality and precision of the tools wielded in its pursuit are paramount to its flawless execution.

We create shaving razors with our own hands whose only purpose is to meet whatever standard of excellence you set for your shave whether with modern cartridge, classic double edge or the timeless straight razor.

Heritage Razor Collection

The 'Heritage' collection razors feature precious wood handles with an end section featuring a golf tee effect for finger placement giving way to a wide bulbous shaft with a chrome tip at the neck.

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Premium Razor Collection

The 'Premium' collection handle profile has a sleek, tapered sophistication as the thickness of its shaft wanes from the neck to the tip. The handle's quality resin is bookended by chrome end caps. 

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Prestige Collection

The 'Prestige' collection features the chocolate richness of Wengé and silver accents to create a razor with a tapering neck rising from a thick-ended round shaft suitable for larger hands.

Vespucci Collection

This design family features a streamlined, future-forward design that takes its inspiration from the man whose use of 'futuristic' (and controversial) navigational aids helped the earliest southern European explorers discover the lands later named in his honor.

Sphaera Collection Shaving Razors

Handles of the Sphaera razors feature a tapering dark wood shaft from neck to tip where a rounded chrome end-cap takes the precise shape necessary to perfectly balance its slender form. It is an object of true artistry.