The Making of a Mondial Shaving Brush

For 115 years, our company has been producing what are considered among the best shaving brushes in the world with a timeless care and passion.

Ours is a story where great tradition and craftsmanship come together to create some genuine masterpieces and in our home of Firenze, masterpiece is not a word used lightly. We hand down from generation to generation the secrets of a working method that is still done completely by hand where the attention to detail and the pursuit of total perfection makes each brush inimitable and unique.

The bundles of hair and fibre arrive at the stations of our artisans for the first steps of the transformation into a little masterpiece.

From the bundles, the exact amount of hair or fibre needed is selected and weighed to ensure consistency from brush to brush.

The fibres are given an initial brushing to perfectly align them to display the characteristic colors and bands of each type.

Each piece is individually finished to ensure an excellent quality and an absolute refinement of style.  A passion that has always inspired us to create these small masterpieces brings out a love for every single piece, allowing us to transmit something of our 115-year history to every product. 

Following the brushing and arranging, artisans tie each the knot by hand using the same techniques as have been used for over 100 years.

With the next phase, the knot begins to take its shape as it is caressed by its expert maker being careful to maintain the alignment of the bands.

Finally, the knot is glued at the base and paired with one of our handles to complete the masterpiece that will prepare your face for a perfect shave.

Mondial 1908 Shaving Brush Sizes and Knot Types

Many of our brush designs are available in different knot sizes to give you an ability to find a brush that is a tailor-made fit for your hands and face to help you orchestrate your perfect shave experience.

High Mountain Badger

Rarest and best badger in the world and rarely found on the market. It has an extraordinary white on top of the hair with a clear marked dark band.

Silvertip Badger

Hair of the most precious quality, distinguished by its particularly white color with a wonderful black shade that enhances the silver top.

Synthetic EcoSilvertip

A proprietary Krex synthetic hair specifically created for Mondial and designed for the sustainable production of shaving brushes.

Super Badger

An excellent quality of light colour badger with a good shade of dark band but less whiteness and marked band than Silvertip.

Best Badger

A high quality, natural grey color badger with slightly less flexibility than Super Badger and less distinctive band.

Boar Hair

Long trusted by wet shavers for centuries as a durable and consistent shaving brush fiber for daily shaving.

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