Mondial 1908 Celebrates 'Zero Waste' Shaving on Earth Day

Mondial 1908 Celebrates 'Zero Waste' Shaving on Earth Day

'Zero Waste' Shaving is a better way to shave every day that focuses on using sustainable, reusable shaving products made with quality raw materials and recyclable packaging.
It's the opposite of the way many men still shave: with disposal razor handles and cartridges packaged in bulky plastic containers and aerosol shaving creams and gels filled with chemicals, artificial lubricants, colors and fragrance.

How Do I Switch to a 'Zero Waste' Shaving Routine?

There are three steps you can take to help reduce the environmental impact of your daily shave:

  1. Choose a high-quality shaving brush from a proven brushmaker that will give you years of daily use.
  2. Use a solid shaving cream or soap with a bowl to build the lather and apply with a brush.
  3. Switch from a cartridge-based razor to a traditional safety razor or a classic straight razor.

What Products from Mondial 1908 Can I Use to Move Toward Zero Waste?

We make it easy to reduce the impact of you daily shaving on the environment with our collection of quality shaving goods refined over our 115 year history.

EcoSilvertip Shaving Brushes

Our EcoSilvertip synthetic brushes were designed to produce shaving brushes in a more sustainable way as an alternative to badger and boar hair so you don't have to compromise your values or the quality of your lather.

Solid Shaving Creams in Refillable Wood Lathering Bowl

Our shaving creams are still produced according to an ancient recipe containing no dyes, preservatives, artificial lubricants or fragrances. They are made with highly select natural ingredients of vegetable origin including 'cocos nucifera oil' derived from dried coconut fruit to reduce inflammation and provide moisture to the skin.

Each cream is packed in a refillable wood lathering bowl.

Shaving Cream Refills in Recyclable Cardboard Sleeve

The wood lathering bowl that holds Mondial 1908 shaving creams can be reused with one of our solid shaving cream refills in six classic fragrances.

Each refill is packaged in a recyclable cardboard sleeve to make them one of the most eco-friendly shaving cream products available today.

Double Edge Safety Razors and Traditional Straight Razors

While they may be intimidating for some after years of cartridge shaving, making the switch to a traditional safety razor or straight razor might be one of the most satisfying changes of all. No more expensive cartridges requiring help to take off the shelf.

Our safety and straight razors - like all of our products - are hand assembled in Italy in ethical conditions and come in a variety of handle designs and materials.

Not quite ready to make the switch away from cartridge razors? We understand and our razor handles in wood, metal and high-quality resin will last a lifetime and eliminate the need for new plastic-heavy handles in the future when they inevitably begin to fall apart or become stained with the residue of shaving creams. It may not totally eliminate the plastic waste from your routine, but will be a step in the right direction and even small things add up over time!