Straight Edge Razor with Smooth Horn Handle & Solingen Blade.
Straight Edge Razor with Smooth Horn Handle & Solingen Blade.
Straight Edge Razor with Smooth Horn Handle & Solingen Blade.
Straight Edge Razor with Smooth Horn Handle & Solingen Blade.

Straight Edge Razor with Smooth Horn Handle & Solingen Blade

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The refined quality that goes into every Mondial 1908 product is once again demonstrated with our line of straight edge razors - the tool wielded by those looking for the ultimate in control and precision during their shave.

Forming the scales are two pieces of polished ox horn hand worked by a local artisan from Florence. 

The 5/8" blades are crafted exclusively for Mondial in Solingen, Germany - and just as Florence is a city known for centuries for its artisan production quality, so too are the artisans of Solingen for their blade making prowess.

Blade specifications:

  • C135 Carbon Steel
  • Round point blade
  • Bulbous half-hollow grind with mirror finish
  • Highly polished shank and profiles
  • Requires honing to user's preference

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