Vespucci Shiny Nickel Metal Brush with Super Badger.
'Vespucci' Shiny Nickel Metal Brush with Super Badger.
'Vespucci' Shiny Nickel Metal Brush with Super Badger.

Vespucci Shiny Nickel Metal Brush with Super Badger

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The 'Vespucci' collection features a streamlined, future-forward design that takes its inspiration from the man whose use of futuristic navigational aids helped the earliest southern European explorers to reach the lands later named in his honor.

It features weighty, solid metal handles with an obelisk's profile as the eyes follow from the wide base to the neck. The nickel metal brush handle gives off a chrome-like shine from end to end.

All of our brushes arrive smartly packaged in our golden orange gift boxes inspired by the view of the Florentine sunset from our Gentlemen's Barber overlooking the River Arno.

Knot Size: Medium (20 mm)

Knot Size

Small 18 mm
Medium 20 mm
Medium-Large 21.5 mm
Large 22.5 mm
XL 24.5 mm
XXL 26 mm

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Super Badger
Premium Lather

An excellent quality of light colour badger with a good shade of dark band but less whiteness and marked band than Silvertip. Its texture lends itself to excellent lather.

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